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The word "Britton" may refer to: Law - an ancient summary of the laws of England; a person's first or last name; a city in Ontario Canada, Michigan, Oklahoma, and South Dakota.

Britton was first published in London by Robert Redman, probably about the year 1530 (there was not date printed on the original copies). A corrected edition was later published in 1640, and  a third (with an English translation) was published at the University Press, Oxford in 1865.

Britton as a first name is uncommon, notable people with that name include: Britton Chance, Britton Chance, Jr., Britton Colquitt, Britton Johnsen, Britton Keeshan, and Britton Rice.

A tavern is a place of business / establishment where people gather to drink alcoholic beverages. Some taverns serve food, and some offer lodging to travelers. The word derives from the Latin tabernacle whose original meaning was a workshop, stall, shed, or pub. The Britton Tavern.

The Britton Tavern
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