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Big is defined as being large or of great dimension. Something big can be outstanding or of great importance. Big can characterize an age, as in big sister. Big can also be filled with enthusiasm and interest, such as - I'm a big french fry fan, or, I'm not a big fan of shopping on Black Friday.

Big, a 1988 film starring Tom Hanks, is about 12 year old Josh Baskin who's wish turns him into a 30 year old man.  Comedy ensues, but Josh becomes overwhelmed by the pressure of living as an adult, and he longs to return to his former, more simple life as a boy.

Guy can be either a noun or a verb. "He's a nice guy" describes a man. Guy can also be a first or last name. In verb form, guy is to make fun of or ridicule - make fun of, i.e. "my boss didn't even know I was guying his idea". Guys can be a rope or cable. And guys can be to steady, guide, or secure with a guy or guys.

Tattoo is a form of body modification in which an artist known as a tattooist creates designs on the top layer of skin by inserting ink, pigment and dyes via a set of needles driven by a reciprocating tattoo machine. Tattoos can be either permanent or temporary, color or black and gray. Big Guys Tattoo.

Big Guys Tattoo
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