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An article is a distinct often numbered section of writing, such as an article of the constitution. An article can be a stipulation in a document. Articles can be nonfictional prose compositions usually forming an independent part of a publication such as a newspaper or magazine.

An article can be an item of business, and also a person or thing of a particular and distinctive kind or class. Most often on the web, an article is referring to a written story, account, study, etc posted on a website as a blog post.

Being beautiful involves pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically; to be of a very high standard; excellent. having qualities of beauty, generally pleasing. Beautiful can be an adverb and a noun. Beautiful is used overwhelmingly when describing women over men.

Some synonyms of beautiful are: lovely, handsome, pretty, comely, fair, alluring, appealing, desirable, magnificent, fetching, good, good looking, attractive, beauteous, cute, well favored, and hot. Beautiful e Articles.

Beautiful e Articles
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